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Age, limit, don’t matter
Lyrics shatter any calibur, character
Get your knowledge, wallet and your swagger up homie
Only NY, UA
Who can defy, you pray
That’s your demise, I know
That’s why I rise
Plain and simple ’till I wrinkle, rollin’ indo in the enzo
When I’m with your women spending, every single cent you lift up
For the new age
Get A bouquet, Rozay
Fuck minimum wage, Penetrate
Till’ you get your pay, innovate
Then pave the way
Them days are getting shorter, life is getting harder
The youth is getting conscious, our generation is stronger

Generating to greatness, ain’t no need for that fake shit
Ape shit, I ask them who the best and they say this..

"Oh My God, forsaken he’s type "I"
Relation to no other patient, doctor say “He’s A Prob.”
Funny niggas do the hating when they ain’t on they job
Leopard Shepherd on the desert
Never sweating, spread the message
, touch your brain like massage
Words paint a collage
We concentrating on paper and infiltrating them blogs
So, roll up the Grade A’s and get faded
And toast to the days of struggle, look what it made us, Hah

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